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216 Waldron St.,
W. La Fayette, Ind.

Dear Sister: - I haven't written a letter to anyone since last Fri. I have been too busy -- it seems like time just flys now.

Sunday morning Dr. Dye taught our S.S. class spoke during the church hour, and all during dinner, then constantly until 4 oclock -- one hours rest during "vespers", spoke again at C.E. at 530 at teh church and preached the sermon that night -- that's some talking for a man to do in one day. Rev. and Mrs. Jessup (the Christian Minister) and Dr. Dye were our guests for dinner and I heard him speak almost continuously from 9 45 A.M. until 9 P.M. and he never told the same story or incident twice in all that time. Let me see I haven't told you who Dr. Dye was -- he was a missionary in Africa for 14 years, working in the very heart of the continent his headquarters being about 1000 miles up the Kongo river, in some Belgian possession, and only about 300 yards from the equator. He was the most fascinating speaker I have ever heard he almost has me in the notion of going to Africa myself. He and his wife came back from Africa 6 years ago broken in health andphysical wrecks, the board overseeing the missionary work gave him orders to spend his time in America as he is worth more here now and will last longer because if he returned he would be more susseptible to the diseases and would not last long. His versio nof missionary life make it out to be any-thing but a garden of roses but it is such a big necessary work and appeals to the spirity of adventure so strongly that I wish I could help. If you ever get a chance to hear him by all means do not miss the oportunity.

I spent all day listening to him and then studied until 1 oclock. Monday was a busy spring day and I had a lot of work to do and Wed. today has been busy but I knew you were deserving a letter so is Orlie, and I must wirte home too. I got a letter from "Bobbie" Myers today he is working with the Holland Furnace Co., Evansville, Ind. -- starting out in life for himself. We freshmen have to [entertain] the freshmen of another Frat tomorrow night and I'm trying to think of some way to [entertain] them and it's beyond me I am afraid. You see we exchange dinner dates with some of the other Frathernities our Juniors + Seniors going there and their Freshmen + Sophomores come here. Last night Agathon initiated the sophomore pledges and therefor we freshmen spent our evening at the show and in the Library studying. We (frosh) go on probation about the first March and the initiatio noccurs in the latter part of April I'll be glad when thats over. Would you like to come down to the house party -- I do not know the exact date but about May 12 and I don't know yet if the cost will be prohibitive or not. I'll have to find out more about it before I can make any definite arrangements or even definite proposals of any kind.

I'm sorry I forgot your birthday and I didn't think about valentines but will try to do better later on.

So far this semester I have been making good grades but the big trial comes next Wed. when I have a Chem. exam but if study will do any good I'll make an A.

Your Brother,
E. Clark Munro.

P.S. 1045 and all is well.

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