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Geneva, Indiana
February 15, 1921.

Dear Esther,
You certainly know now that I am still going on living. I have thought about you but -- as you will soon see -- I never get inspiration to write. I never write letters any more, but only by force. Yet I always have many to write.

Just came home from a short walk, just to and from the mail box. Isn't the weather lovely? The little birds sing as if nothing in the world could make them sad. Any one should forget their sorrows [on] a day like this.

I washed this forenoon and expect to iron toward evening. Had a man for dinner, and had hay balers yesterday. e got through with the balers but there is no danger of getting rid of the hay. Expect to get the ice house finished to-day -- but I do not think we will get to use it any way.

I suppose you have not been hearing many news so you just as leave hear that as any thing else. I may repeat somethings but just remember I don't know what you know.

I met Addie Shoemaker down on the corner in Brushwwod S. house yesterday for a couple hours chat. She said she talked with your mother yesterday morning. Your mother was quite happy that Loyd's temperature was back to normal. I said it was just to bad the children had to be out of school so long. But yet I am sure you are all glad that they got along so well.

Stahleys have been in now for eight weeks yesterday, and Marcus and the next to the baby have not taken ityet. They are all getting along alright with it also.

The little Hart boy is getting along alright but he was quite sick with it there for a couple of days.

I suppose you have heard that Roy Fields father died. He choked on a bone and it went through his lung causing pneumonia.

Sprangers are all improving since yesterday. Jeanette is getting along fine -- she itched terrible yesterday though. Lesley is improving some now. You know, they had no hopes of him at all there for a while. He has a carbuncle on his neck; they lanced it last night and from then on they had or have hopes that if nothing sets in he will get along alright. My, how that boy has suffered -- he simply moaned for days. The two other little boys are getting alright. Dorothy had the sore throat, she said, to-day but she does not think it is the scarlet fever. I hope not. She said, she had been having the sore throat, off and on, for some time. It is to bad about the baby. Mrs. Spranger had all she could stand and then this that came on was just all she could stand. It was buried at Berne Sun. morning. I suppose you have heard particulars so I will not repeat. I feel so sorry for them but, as you know, no one dares to go in to do a thing. If Dorothy's throat gets better I thought I would go over and talk to her, at least a few minutes. She called me up and wanted me to come over but after the baby died I just stopped in to see him. I got to see her but, you know, at such a time I only got to say a few words to her. She was glad to see me for she said we could surely both sympathize with each other now if never before.

The roads have been so terrible. Almost everyone comes on this road past Felbers and on past Brushweood and goes into town. The school truck does not always come on that road for (the Geneva pike) as the children over there quite often come to the cross road. The three H.S. [taddies?] are driving the cab. Gilbert and Ruby are going on the truck. The roads are so bad to drive in a machine.

I suppose you knew that Daniel Hoffman had sleeping-sickness but is getting along alright and will if he takes good care of himself.

I got your valentine. I was glad to get it of course. Geneva could not even afford any valentines this year. Gilbert gried every where Saturday but he did not succeed in getting, at least, one.

I will have to stop for now but will try to write more later. I always have suffer[ed] when the children get home and it will soon be time for them now.

Wed. Morn.
I will finish this before mail time. The only thing I can do here is to answer telephone calls and door bell calls. The men are out here finishing the ice house but as they are almost done I do not think I will have to get dinner for them.

The wind is blowing so this A.M. and it looks as if it might rain. It is so dark.

If you want to ask any questions just write and ask for I do not know how much you have heard. I will be glad to tell you anything you wish to know.

They are holding revival meetings at Hartford now. It was held a week at the homes and then Sunday night they began to hold it in the church. They are having good meetings.

There were nine in our class at S.S. Sunday, only two girls in the class. After Sunday school they made all the young people go up in front by the alter for church. Then they tried to get them to go up to the alter. I said they will lose the whole bunch of young people yet. No one will want to go in order to be forced into something like that.

I suppose you are interested in school and as busy as always. Have you had any good discussions lately? Or did you lose all interest in them after we separated? Are you still planning that bungelow? Aren't college girls the limit? Say, Esther, I have learned much more on many subjects since I last had a siscussio nwith you. In fact, I did not know hardly anything then to what I do now.


P.S. Tell me all the news when you write.
I think I have your right address.

E-mail: shelly@cat-sidh.net

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