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Hastings Nebr. Feb. 6, 1921.

Dear Esther:
My, that tomato soup makes me hungry, but what I need now is something to warm me up.

We had a small snow storm last night and it is real wintry out of doors to-day.

This house is modern but we have one of those pipeless furnaces and it takes a little while to heat the whole house.

My landlady is simply wonderful. She lets us do most anything we are amind to. I board here also. There are two other girls here also. One of them gets her suppers here on week days, all except Sunday.

Mr. Stawell, the man of the house, is a traveling man. He gets home about once a month. He is home to-day, and that is one reason why I don't go down stairs where it is warmer. I don't like to be always "sticking" around.

How did you come out with your exams? Hope you come out with flying colors.

That certainly is too bad about your folks being quaranteed. I hope they are "free" by this time.

As to that accident fo the Lyons, I sent Clark a newspaper clipping that I had here, he can send it to you. It gives details enough I think.

There isn't much excitement to writ about in this town, it seems like. My friend who used to be my roommate came down last week and stayed over Sunday with me. She is working in Crete, Nebr. now in the Crete Mills. She is manager of the multigraph department there.

I stayed all night with another girl friend of mine last night. We intended to go to church this morning but overslept, and of course couldn't go.

So you are going to major in Math, well I think I would do the same, but History is something I dispise.

Well I have several other letters to write, so will have to make them all short.


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