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216 Waldron St.
W. La Fayette Ind.
February 5 1921

Dear Sister:-- When I came in from classes this morning the first thing I saw was three letters in my box; I brabbed them and walked up to my room intending to read them before 'lunch'; I opened a letter from you the one with Mrs. Fern Shoemakers letter in it, that put a damper on my high spirits; I opened a letter from Orlie and in it was a detailed account of the terrible accident that happened to Lyons. I am sending it to you, you may keep it or send it back to Orlie; I then opened your other letter and it could not be termed a real sunshiny letter I was almost afraid to open it for fear it would contain some more disheartening news, as you see my spirits receivd a cold shower but they can be 'revived'. ha!

I have ben very busy this week, my work this semester will be harder but much more interesting than last semesters, and have not had time to write anyone anything since last Sunday. I received a letter from home on Wednesday I believe it was a very small piece of 'hash' Warren, Lloyd, Mamma and Papa all had a hand in writing it but altogether it was not very long. You kow I left most of my collars and white shirts including my army shirt at home and I have been in desperate straits for clothes and I was just patting myself on the back to think that I would soon be reveling in an abundance of clean clothes but, like most dreams they don't materialize and--guess I'll send my clothes to the laundry--no guess at all, I'll have to send them.

This afternoon I washed windows here in the house and my job for the week is to take care of the papers and magazines in the reading room in the house. As you probably know, the Purdue-Illinois game is to be played here tonight and as 'everybody' is going, dinner will be served at 5 oclock a half an hour early.

I do not know if I told you or not but my grades were Math B, Eng. P, Chem. P, A.H. P, M.T. B, Biology A, Agronomy A, and Entomology B. I had the highest average of any Freshman (capital F) in the house and if I had only studied last semester as I should have I could easily have had 4 A's, 3 B's, and only 1 P if I had only studied 15 or 20 mnutes more each per week. I only missed an A in Math by not studying for the last test we had as I should and I only got a 71 on the test. I will not make those mistakes this semester, I can make 6 A out of a possible 8 you see no A's are given in English and They wouldn't give me an A in Chemistry on account of this last semesters grade they (the powers that be) do not think a person can improve from a P to an A.

Thank you for answering my question and discussing it as fully as you did. I just wondered what your opinion was--that is as far as it will go--at least so far as the person mentioned is concerned.

So my actions or rather my life is something like a cereal? [Long?] story well this is one place where you cannot read the (last ha!) end first and it is perhaps best or it would loose interest.

I will have to stop until after "chow" and will finish this then if possible.

Well this is after "chow" and also after the game it was a good clean game and Illinois won 26-39 if I remember right.

I do not seem to have much more to say and besides I must write a good big letter to the folks at home. Since they have not been writing I make it a rule to write not less than two times a week, usually three times. I know how like an [angel] a letter must be when one is shut in from the outside world as the folks are.

My instructors are so much different this semester from the ones I had last semester. In Agronomy II or Agriculture Botany I have a man who has been a Christian Pastor, he is a fine instructor as well as a fine man. In Poultry Lecture & Quiz I have "Chick" Philips noted for being "hard boiled" but absolutely square in Lab. I have Swartz more noted for being "harder" boiled but equally as square. I like them and am willing to work for them. In English I have "Professor Mark H. Liddell" a cross grained gnarly old fossil that is far from that 'inside' I can not say that I have fallen or ever will fall in love with him but we will work well together I believe and that is 3/4 of the question.

I expect I could keep ramblin on here for 5 or 6 pages but I have 5 prepares for Monday besides other previously mentioned reasons. Well I hope the mail man ceases to be a "bugger man" in the near future and bring you some good [(noose) some spelling I meant news].

Your brother,
E. Clark M.

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