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Geneva Indiana
Jan. 31, 1921

Dear Esther

I am bound not to forget your birthday. I wanted to cut out a picture of a woodchuck (ground hog) and paste it on either side of the card. But I could not find any picture. Sweet twenty two. I hope that John Lee can will accept that invitation. No, I have not seen the D.M. yet. Who is your roommate for this second semester?

The schools have what is called a visiting day. The Linn-Grove school had their's to day. A few of the kids came to our school and a few teachers. Before I forget about that drive, mamma and papa said to give as little as your conscience will let you. Mamma first said to let them drive on but she changed her mind. And more about school. In my Coun. Geography class we each have to draw a map of the United States as big or bigger than the one you got first prize on at the Ford County fair, won't that be some job. We also have to paste cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, grain, &etc on the map [on] the place where they are raised.

All but papa & me have gone to Bed to good-nite.


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