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216 Waldron St.
Jan. 30 1921

Dear Sister:-- Yes I got your letter as I haven't changed my address since the last time and do not intend to change for some time to come. You said to write and tell you all about it a soon as possible well this is as soon a possible but I do not know enough to tell you 'all about it.' I have been here just about 4 hours over 1 day and like it fine. I suppose you will be more interested in knowing how we live than in who the men are because I do not know them all as yet and I will probably have an awful job getting the names straitened out for a while any way. Breakfast at 715 Lunch on week days at 1215 Dinner on Sundays at 1, Dinner on week days 545 except Sat. when it is served at 5 and Sunday evening we go out in the kitchen and piece on whatever is in sight that is convenient and then wash the dishes that we used. The house is quiet after 730 every evening except Saturday. We all sleep out on a sleeping porch and I slept fine last night. My study room is a front room in the South West corner of the house. there are four desks in the room and four of us study here 1 Senior 1 Junior 1 Sophomore (in the hospital at present) and myself. Reverend Knight told me that the Agathon fellows were the best bunch on the campus barring none and if I can live up to the precedent made by the men of this house I will believe that I have done a pretty good job on myself.

Wesley Grossman took first place in the 40 yrd hurdle yesterday and won his numerals. By the way I suppose you heard about the little basket ball game?!!

I wish I could give you part of it--mmm!--A fellow just brot in a box of candy he got from home and gave me a piece--it has some walnuts in it and it is fine. I suppose the weather is there as it is here rain rain rain -- snow + snow. It may be a little chilly out on the porch tonight but I have enough covers tho. I will get a P (70-80) in Chemistry this semester but I'll make it a B next semester if it is at all possible. No I am not "all joined" I am simply pledged. The Agathon has a very high scholarship standard and by the way my grades when all averaged up compare very favorably with the rest of the fellows.

We are not supposed to have final exams but we usually have exams at the end of the semester. They do not count any more than the other exams during the year but every one wants to get a good grade to end the semester with and the exams are a little harder than usual too. I must write a letter home yet this evening and I am awful sleepy.

Your Brother

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