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Home. Jan 30, '21

Dear Esther --

It seems so long since I've written a letter that I hardly know how or where to begin. Our quarantine time was out (up) last Thurs. eve. but we did not want to fumigate too soon, so we did that yesterday and last night. As we could not close the house and go away, in that way do it all at one time, so we fumigated down stair bed-room & front room and all the upstairs then last night about eight o'clock we stopped up all the cracks in the windows and doors and tumbled everything around in general then we all went out of house onto back porch then around to front door & wentupstairs to bed after having doors & windows opened for several hrs. then papa came back and lighted what they call candles. I do not like the job and hope we never need to go thru with it again.

Lloyd is not feeling very well, but it resembles indegestion more than anything else so far. He has done everything he knew of to keep from having scarlet fever, but Ruth has been almost careless. Warran did not have it so very hard yet enough so for me to know it was the real thing.

Now about your dress. I put it in that box, I believe, the day you left, if you remember, and it was in the dining room with lid on two or three days after Warran was sick, then, then I took it out to "wart" and it was there until last eve. I then brought it in and took lid off so it would be fumigated with other things.

It is my belief that disease is carried only by the scales, and if neigher Ruth or Lloyd take it yet I'll think it not very easily taken.

It is four-thirty o'clock and is almost dark enough to light a lamp now.

I believe I'll try again to see Mrs. Lindsey about how your dress should be finished. -- Yet I know I'll not get to do one thing at it, because Warren is in need of waists and also Lloyd and we have not butchered anything yet & if we get to get at it at all, it will take all my spare time for a week or more, then if I have the pleasure of washing tomorrow it will be a big one, for I must wash bed-clothes "galore".

Katheryn just rang me up on phone. Had it been one week ago it would have done more good as then I could not write to you. Clark writes real often. He said you would [write] big letters but not often. Said he'd rather you'd write oftener, didn't care if the letters were not so large. He said to him a letter was a letter, whether short or long, so remember you need not wait until you have "lots" of time to write him. I think he would be better pleased maybe with those correspondence cards, for one can put a good deal on them if they wish or they can go with but a few words.

The men havne't got corn all out as yet. Have eight full days if they can only get the days.

Ruth moved her bed (with help from Lloyd) into the new room. So last night as we slept upstairs Warren & I slept with her and O. that room is just delightful. Ruth says she never wants to leave that room.

Did Clark tell you that he has joined a fraternity? It may be alright but somehow I could not help but wish he had not. What do you think of it? Maybe he had a lonesome, left out feeling.

I can not tell you the details of that auto accidenta as even the Piper paper did not tell much. Well, there was not much to tell, in fact. Esther & Eddie with Alma & Wilfredwent over to Fairbury to attend a lodge meeting. As they were crossing the Wabash at Forest, they were run over by three coal cars that were shunted onto another track. That shunting means that they were pushed by engine then left to go free. There was no watchman & they were taken by complete surprise. Papa said he would have done same thing. It drug them 130 ft. and crushed them almost beyond recognition. Some how Alma was saved, but with some cuts & bruises. My, but the news shocked me. We got the word the same eve. that Warren took sick & I was prett well worked up. The announcement was sent us with some hand writing giving a little explanatio nbut no name signed.

You spoke of teaching next year. Well I think it would be nice, but whether it would be best or not, I do not know. I suppose we have a plenty of time to think about it any how.

Warren brushed his teeth this A.M. & wanted me to be sure and tell you.

Now id I quit writing all of a sudden you may know either Ruth or Lloyd are sick. I am not so happy as I might be as I see no reason why they do not stand a chance of taking it now for several days. Five of Stahley's have had & are having & he is sick with Grippe Jlu or something too. Donald Shoemaker took down the day after Warren did.

Papa will send you a check in this letter. Now, you can write & ask questions.

I am getting cold sitting on South side of table away from fire.

With love -- from

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