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Geneva Ind 1/26 1921

Friend Clark Will try and drop a line or so to let you know how the folk are gettin along I should have written sooner but did not get to it they are getting along fine Warren is all the one that has had it and he says he is the only one that is a sure [prisoner] he only gets in the front room and bed room he said this morning tell Clark I am fine and dandy and tell him to write a letter to him. Ruth and Loyd they keep away from him they live in the kitchen and dining room and upstair will not goe in where Warren is.

We are sure having some cold weather now yesterday and today your Father and Joe are husking corn both days and both of them got a cripple in their back. I told Joe if they kept this up that [they] would make a great show on the farm next summer. Your Mother keeps well and wold like to send your [clothes] but will not dare to yet. Wilma says tell Clark Hello as say she is all well and busy playing. Your mother said you could send this on to Esther so I don't have to write so much. I am not a very good writer or corespondent. Your mother told me to say that your Father would send a draft to hir this week.

Well I guess that this is all for now so will close I am Respectfuly your Friend

Mary Whitsel

[Clark enclosed Mary Whitsel's envelope in another envelope and forwarded it to Esther. On the back of the outer envelope, he added a postscript: "P.S. You haven't answered my question yet."]

1921-01-26 Envelope

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