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LaFayette Ind.
Jan. 23 1921

Dear Sister:-- I don't know if IOU a letter or not but there are so many people I should write to that I guess I'll just take the day to it and write to everybody I know.

I suppose you have heard about the Purdue Ohio game, we won 40-32 and the Exponent said that IU beat Minnesota by about two points.

Do you have much of a vacation at the end of the semester. I don't have any time off at all. I have to register this week to be ready to start in on time next semester. I am afraid that I flunked my Chem exam but that is the only thing that I am worried about. Of the 15 in my Eng. class 6 of us are passing including myself the rest of them are 'on the line' or hopelessly lost. The registrar said that up to date 1/3 of the students had either flunked out or had sent in to have their credits transferred to some other school and that a large number were going to quit at the end of the first semester for reasons of their own. There is a fellow down stairs that is going down to I.U. his name is, Monocle, "single eye glass", he don't amount to anything, he's a crook and only 17 years old. Purdue won't loose anything when he goes and I.U. will not gain very much.

After next Sunday address my mail to 148 Sheety St. as I am going to move over there at the end of the week.

It is sure a beautiful day today I think that I'll take a walk out to Happy Hollow today. I have never been out there on foot yet alone as I like to go. I went out once when our Battery went out but we went in trucks that time.

I have a Math test tomorrow and an exam (or test) in A.H. and Entomology Tuesday and then most of my tests will be over for this semester. It doesn't seem possible that I have been here almost 1/2 of my first year but I guess that I have all right. Did I ever tell you that I bought a Mandolin since I came back Christmas--well I did. I can't play very much on it but it forms a restful diversion from my studies that seems to rest me. After I have been studying hard all evening I'll play on it for 15 or 20 minutes before I go to bed even if it is rather late it seems like I can go to sleep sooner and will not lay there and think about my work.

At the Purdue apple show there were all kinds of fruits and vegetables and baked goods exhibited by the 'Co Eds' after the show all the apples and baked goods were sold at auction one pie brot $1.90 and some as low as $.50 aples sold some by the plate (5 apples) and some by the crate they sold at prices ranging from enough to make them worth $.60 apiece to about 02 apiece. I bought 10 Stayman Winesap apples for $.75 they were sure fine.

Here I started to write a long letter to you and I am afraid I will have to stop for I have run out of 'gas'.

I bought a flannel shirt last night it is a dark grey and as good a flannel shirt as I ever saw it only cost $4.00 I believe that I will buy another one the original price was $8.00

Well this is about all for jus now -- I may add a P.S. Before I send it.


I went out walking this P.M. out to the old soldiers home and back again that made about 10 miles and I was so sore before I started from playing basket ball and running that every step hurt but when I got back I was awful tired but not sore as I was before I started.

Well that's about all


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