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Geneva Ind 1/19 1921

Friend Esther will try to send you a few lines to let you know how home folks are. They are getting along fine. Warren was pretty sick but is better now. He was up out of bed yesterday for the first. He told me this morning to tell you he was cutting out things and sewing some. He put in two or three days cutting paper while he was in bed and begging for something to eat. Of course he could not eat when he was at the worst but this [appetite came] and he did not dare have mutch but he can eat now.

Ruth and Lloyd have not taken it they are taking something every evening to prevent them from taking it. Lloyd thinks it would be good for Ruth to have to fast awhile for she eats all the time now. He said to tell you that she weighed only 144 1/2 lbs. He issure a tease. Your mother said to tell you that your dress has been hanging out in the wart ever since Warren took sick still done up in the box and as for money that they could send it with out any danger. I goe to the house most every day and talk to them through the window. Of course we are careful as Wilma is here.

Your mother said to write you and tell you if you would write to Mary Ewing and ask her she could tell you more than they know about that accident that happened [in] Piper City. They doe not know and can't send you any papers that they got. You sure know that they could not doe that any more than they dare to write.

Well I will sure be glad when this is over. Joe has to doe all the going to town for your folks. He is general chore boy.

We had a couple of very nice days the first of the week but it is storming raining and freezing. It makes it very [disagreeable]. Your father and Joe was husking corn this forenoon. I don't think that they will goe out this afternoon. Joe's coat was all ice when he came in.

Well I guess I will have to quit and take this to the mail box so good by from your friend Mary Whitsel.

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