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La Fayette Ind.
Jan. 17 1921

Dear Sister: -- I intended to write to you yesterday but was too busy otherwise and it was so cold in the room last evening that I went to bed at about 730. It is noon now and as I ate a breakfast I won't eat any dinner but will start a letter to you and perhaps do a little studying as well. This week will be the busiest week I have had this year. Chem. Eng. and Biology test coming -- long theme a critical report of a book due Fri it was just assigned today too then our bug collection isdue thursday and a drawing in Agronomy also due this week.

I have just about made up my mind to move in with Stafford. I believe it will be to my advantage.

Now to answer questions. I still have a cold in my throat but not as bad as it was. Yes the Agathon is a Frat over on Waldron St. that is west of the campus. I do not know why Busche invited me over other than the reasons anyone is invited to "dinner" for. What I saw of frat life there and several other places as well is very pleasing. It all depends on the Frat. You have seen these 4 buckle arties the girls are wearing with only the bottom buckle fastened? Well some of the Frats make their pledges wear those things too with all of the buckles nbuckled, they are mostly from the poorer (tho rich in dollars) Frats, Frats that I wouldn't dirty my name by belonging to them. Other Frats I would join in a minute if I had the chance.

The weather has been rather cold here recently and I wouldn't care if it would thaw out and stay thawed. Still I suppose that we need some winter to make the world run right.

You urge the folks to send off for about 100 evergreen trees (Spruce) to set out for a wind break west of the garden and west of our house too.

1921-01-17 page 2

Well I am in a hurry.

Wishing you good luck in deciphering my code.
Your Brother

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