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Hastings Nebr.
Jan. 16, 1921.

Dear Esther:

Well it seems that I have a different address every time I write. Mrs. Stowell our landlady said the other day that people would begin ot think that she did not pay her rent. But you see the first time the house was sold and we had to move so soon that we had to take what we could get and then they had a chance to rent this house, so did. This is sure a nice house, "bran' new." Sure seems nice to be down close in again.

I didn't go home Thanksgiving, altho I had the day off, which not very many working girls did.

I had aa nice little vacation at Xmas, which I appreciated very much.

Oh, yes, I must thank you for the very pretty Xmas greeting.

Talk about your room being flowing over. You ought to see mine. Moving you know is anything but pleasant. I have such a large trunk, that the other girls call it a vault. Ha! Ha! it is filled with "junk." I don't see how so much junk accumulates, but it does, and you never know where to find anything.

I suppose you have heard of the terrible accident that happened to Ed & Esther Lyons, and Will McKee. I sure feel awfully sorry for Mr. & Mrs. Lyons, and the Watson family. We sure can't tell how soon we are going to be hustled into eternity.

I don't have anything special to write at all. Just the same old grind every day. We are having lovely weather here. Have had all winter.

Received a letter from Clark about Xmas time. Words can't express how I enjoy receiveing letters from old schoolmates. I wish I could get in touch with more.

Well Esther, I must quit as it is almost dinner time.

Write and tell me all about your school work. Are you specializing in any certain subject?

Well, write soon, or sooner

Orlie Penwitt

401 N. Colo Ave.

E-mail: shelly@cat-sidh.net

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