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Geneva Ind 1/13 1920

E. Clark Munro
Friend Clark I will try and send you a word ot say that Warren is getting along fine he has of course been pretty sick but if he does not take cold I guess he will be all right he received your rememberance of flowers yesterday. Your mother told me this morning that he was looking at them and admiring them. The rest of the folks are all well yet--of course we have to be very careful about going to the house we just talk through the window. Joe has to be careful as he chore boy and if he went in they would not let him come up town. It is a week today when Warren came home from school sick and he was in at our house in th emorning with Wilm[a] but she has not taken it yet and shows no sign of it she has a bad cold but I have that to hope we don't get it. We would be in a bad shape if we was shut in to[o].

Your mother said to tell you that you need not write so often and such big letters just let them know how you are. That is what worries her for fear you get sick they wanted to know if either one of you heard of that terrifible accident that happened to those people out in Illinois. They some relation of your mother it was Eddie Lyons and his wife and their brother in law and his wife was not hurt but she will live. They was all ground to [pieces] the train struck their machine. I can't tell you the particulars as I did not get to read it--they would have sent you papers with the account but did not dare to send any but they can tell you later.

Your father and Joe are husking corn. They are getting along pretty well to be as cold as it is they are getting the west field pretty well along. I guess they wish it was all done.

I am writing to you and Esther both this time so you can send this to her and next time I will write to Esther so you can hear from the folk often as I am not a very great writer. I hate to write. I suppose you can read Wilma['s] letter I shall send she says that she would not be afraid for you and Esther so come to our house. Will close with best wishes

Mary Whitsel

[Included in the letter from Mrs. Whitsel was a "letter" from her daughter, Wilma.]

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