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W. La Fayetter Ind.
Jan. 12 1920 [The envelope is postmarked 1921, so Clark must not be used to the new year, yet.]

Dear Sister:-- Are you quarantined too or is it because you are so busy that you do not have time to write that I have not heard from you for a month.

I suppose you heard the news from home so it is useless for me to repeat it. Did you get your laundry from home? -- I didn't and I've only got 1 clean shirt left and 2 clean handkerchiefs. I guess that I will have to do a little washing of my own and have some done for me too.

You have heard how the Purdue-Wabash game went 22-44 Wabash. Wabash has not lost a game this year. We have lost 2 out of the 7 games played.

I received a letter from Orlie today she has changed her address to "403 N. Colo." I suppose she means 403 N. Colorado St., I do not know.

She is a rather lively girl I gather from her letter, don't you think so?

I am making a lot of paragraphs to fill up space so please consider that before you fault the construction of this letter.

Enclosed you will find the picture (singular no. etc.) you took and the pictures you had me take. I will send a copy of each home so you may do as you please with those I send you altho I will have none left for myself.

I was at the Agathon house for supper tonight. I went with 'Bushy' 'Busche' or how ever you spell it. He is the county agent in Adams County.

After supper I went to a lecture at Fowler hall on landscape gardening it was fine. I wish I had tim eto tell you all about it but I have an unusually large amount of work to be done this week.

Good night,--

P.S. That somebody down here a relative or friend, I forget which, of Hennels is a member of that Frat. I met him tonight--he is not beautiful but seems like a pretty nice sort of fellow. I forget his name just now.

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