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La Fayette Ind.
Jan. 8 1921

Dear Sister: -- Vacation is past and this week is almost gone and it seems as if there had not been any vacation at all. University life goes on as usual.

I believe that I will change rooming places in the middle of the month. I can get the room that Richard had, his roommate, Stafford, is still there I think that we would agree all right, it is a good, well heated room, well located and I believe that it would be to my advantage to move in with him, he has asked me a couple of times about coming over to room and I have almost made up my mind to do so but have not decided yet.

I suppose you are back in the old rut and grind as usual by now, have thatdreaded french lesson exam past & forgotten and are by now dreading the next one.

I had A.H. lab this afternoon and have just got back from class it is about 3 P.M. now and I ought to be in bed at that. I have a cold in my head and throat and it bothers me quite a bit but I think that a few liberal applications of Vicks Salve and a few regular hours will change things considerably, here's hoping anyway.

Jim is going or rather has gone out to Oxford and will not be back until sometime tomorrow and I don't know what I will do with myself tonight unless I go to bed.

Do you think that Luella will get to come back to school this year or not. What do you think of me thinking about ever going wiht her again, I would like your frank opinion.

It has been a beautiful day outdoors all day but I have been inside so much that I have not been able to enjoy it as I should have.

When a person has nothing more to say he had better stop. Guess I'll stop.

Your Brother

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