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Geneva Ind. 5-16-1920

[Dear] Sister Esther:

In the other leter I said that something always happens evrey few min that one wants to write about. And so it happened. When I was cleaning out the pantry, not the cubby hole but the other hole, I had to carry the old coats and things. Among them was papa's sheep lined over coat. mamma spread it out on the floor and I tolled her that probably that some mice were in there and sure enough there were some. One jumped out at mamma but ran back in a corner but mamma had to jump across the coat and jumped again to I don't know where or care. But I stood there a laughing as hard as I could laugh. I tolled her that was the highest I had ever seen her jump. After we had our laugh out we managed to carry it out and lay it on the cistern top. And I called the cats. Well another one jumped out and Warren & I chased it clear to the barn. I tried to step on it or catch it some way but failed. Mamma said it looked so funny to see great big me chasing that little bit of a mouse. Two more jumped out but they were caught and eaten. Seems like I can't remember not any farther back than one day. Friday we cleaned the wart, baked, and sweeped the up stairs. And oh! the trash we did burn up and I raked the yard a little bit in the evening. I was tired when night came.

Saturday (in the morning) we did the dishes, washed the seperator, and made the bed by quarter after nine and in order to pass away the time we talked. Then mamma said, "I believe I will let you go out doors a little bit." Then it was 20 of 11 so I went out door and raked & raked & raked. The boys had dug holes (deep) in the sand so that I had to take the hoe and chop and rake to make it some ways near level. I worked there till noon and I worked the first part of the afternoon and rested the rest. And I also in the morning sweeped the dining room. The vacuum had to be fixed and in soldering it they washed the soldering, in order to hold, in sulphuric acid and I got that on my arm while cleaning it.

Today we washed the dishes & the seperator & made the bed and got dinner. We did not have dinner till one o'clock. Papa was the only one that went to S.S. Clark went some where to get gasoline and so the morning went. Mr. Whitsel drove his Ford alone with his wife & Wilma but this morning he & Clark were out driving. This after noon I [popped] quite a bit of corn but before that Clark, Lloyd & Warren went down to the big timber and brought back a great big bunch of violets. They are so dark & so big. The prettiest I have ever seen. And a great big bunch [...] had a box packed tight withthem.

I will have to [quit] tonight but will finish tomorrow good-night.

Monday morning and every body is up. Warren is eating with his night gown on and Clark has not eaten yet. All the rest of us have eaten. Mamma has stopped writing because she has something else to do. Mamma said she wrote about the Johnny-jump-ups but I wrote about them first and she had no right to Ha! Ha! It is raining so we are not going to wash but mamma said she thought of starting to make my dress, or do what cleaning we can. Mamma wishes that we had a dog & a pony as any kid has ever wished. And I want them as bad as any body too. Mamma was reading in the "Farm Journal" a large article about ponys about how much work they can do and what they eat & how much they are worth. Mamma is talking about me taking painting lessons & Lloyd taking violin lessons. Like she always talks. Well mamma is saying to me, "Hurry up Ruth." So I suppose I will have to stop for this time


P.S. I am sending you some slips that mamma cut out from the Geneva Harold.

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