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Geneva Ind. May 12, --'20

Dear Sister:

Well Lloyd is a screeeching on his violin, and Warren is drawing on an oatmeal box. Oh! the noise. Mamma is writing to cousin Edith L. and Clark is writing thank you's for his presents and it has been drizzling all day long and raining hard by spells. You know we had a gunny sack half full of popcorn and the mice have shelled about of the popcorn and some of the cobs there is not a kernel left. And the other day Lloyd & Warren found a nest of baby mice in the north-east corner of the wart. Mamma has [baked] a batch of ginger cookies today. And this afternoon mamma [dragged] down a tick full of scraps and sorted them over. Clark has been a tormenting me all day today because it has been raining.

Yesterday papa [sold] a load of oats and bought a new lawn mower. And yesterday evening why Clark & I went to town in Henry and I bought a hair ribbon, a ribbon clasp, & a handkerchief, all for Wilma. Clark bought two beauty pins (which cost a dollar) for her. I have not seen her present from you yet but I will tho. I gave her the ribbon. Lloyd the clasp, Warren the ribbon, Clark the pins, & Mamma & Papa the dollar.

I guess I will have to satisfy your curiosity I turned in the lane and I am so [anxious] to drive it again I can hardly wait. Clark has been [begging & begging] of papa to go down to where you are so that maybe he will go tomorrow morning. Clark washed his hair while I was writing the first part of this letter. We got a letter from cousin Edith today and they have moved to Medimont Idaho near Harrison which on the west side and north which is south east of Spokane. They moved there for their health. Edith said that they had bear cub meat but Aunt Lida & Dorrie would not touch it. They live in tents & by a beautiful lake. Edith said that last winter she saw a bunch of wild ducks on the lake and bald eagles sitting on the edge of ice.

This fornoon Clark dyed one of his old shirts a green. I guess he got the idea from his green socks that he got from Hazel & Morris for a graduation present. mamma thought it was rather pretty. It seems quiet now that Lloyd & Warren have gone to bed the only noise that I hear is the dripping of the water. I think Clark's fern is growing fine & so is his geranium. Mamma coppied down all the word I asked how to spell & I suppose is going to put it in her letter. Oh! yes Clark is going to paint that thing he made for the vines to grow on green. I htink he is a little green himself because he wants every thing else green. I am thru for this time for I have not any thing else to say.


Mamma lost a tooth. Mamma just reminded me of it by-by.
Mamma lost a tooth. Mamma just reminded me of it by-by.

Thursday morning

Last night I forgot to tell you that when Clark was putting wood on the porch for the heater stove that there was a kettle of eggs near the door & he let one of the sticks fall and broke 17 eggs. Two or three [days] ago Lloyd set [two] moues traps [one] in the wart & one in the cubbie hole. And this morning Lloyd got two mice. The mice are some thing terrible. They eat up every thing. I guess Clark will not go down there this morning. He is going to wait till the last week. This morning it is shining so bright that I got some pep in me. I am so [anxious] for you to come home and talk I want to [hear] every thing. I have read every one of your letters or else mamma has [read] them to me. She talks to me as if she would talk to you about your affairs.

Still we are not settled about the house [business] and do not know when we will. Well I think I have written quite a bit for me but while school is going on the school work kept me so busy I did not have time to write. Clark is still hammering away at trellis thing. Maybe he will get it done some time. Papa is hard at work now that the weather is so nice & I ought to be. Lloyd found a new nest with 18 eggs in it. Warren has just come in a crying about something those two were [quarreling] over. Well I can not think of anything else to say but there is something that allways comes that one wants to tell about after one finishes the letter. Pretty soon mamma will say hurry up Ruth come let's get to work.

Your Sister, Ruth.

P.S. Maybe I will [send? write?] several letters in one.

Mamma said just now that Clark will drive down there if the weather is fit at the end of the last week. Mamma will write soon & answer some of or most of all of your questions.

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