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[There are several pencil annotations from Mamma.]

Geneva Indiana
May 9, 1920.

Dear Sister:

School is out at last and to-day I do not know what to do with myself. [Mamma adds: She ought to, there is plenty of work] Papa and Clark were the only ones that went to S.S. since Lavida G[lendening--added by Mamma] has the scarlet fever. This after-noon mamma fixed a lunch and all of us went to the small timber except Clark. You see Mr. Whitsel got the Ford to-day & Clark went ot Bluffton with the folks becaues Mr. ------- drove it there & [drove] it home and was going to drive it alone. Mamma, Lloyd, Warren, & I went down to Whitsels after we came from the woods.

Well I got two new [dresses, brand] new and one that is going to be made up soon. Next comes school. In English I got 95%, in Domestic Science 100%, In algebra 82%, in General Science 92% That makes an average of 92%. I got the best grade in the class in General Science.

This morning Mr. & Mrs. Whitsel and the folks went some where for dinner and in getting there had to cross the railroad tracks in Geneva. Mr. Whitsel was driving and did not know the train was coming. Justis told him to push on the brakes but the brakes would not work quick enough so he pushed up the gas and shot across the track & missed the frieght train about 3 or four feet. There was no signal of any [sort]. Justis [said--added by Mamma] Mr. Whitsel did the very best thing he could have done.

What mamma & I will do in the future. Clean the house (mamma does not know whether to start up stairs or doen in the basement) clean the yard fix the house, & get a new lawn mower, & finish sewing for me and take care of the chickens when they come. Now just see what is before us. Oh! yes, do some papering.

We have 29 little pigs. What do you think of that, but we have a couple of steers that have what papa calles the lump jaw and papa is going to sell all of steer, those two among them, as soon as possible. Now do not tell about the steers. I know [you] won't do it but I want to caution you any how. I think Wilma looks awful cute in her new brown hat.

(Monday) Clark has been working awful good since school has been out. Clark set out 300 straw berrie plants Saturday & is setting out 200 to-day.

Mamma & I are washing to-day but but I am just resting while I am writing. Well I guess I have rested long enough.

Bye, bye, Ruth.

[Post script added by Mamma]

I haven't time to put in my "word" Yes, gasolene is scarce, could not get any in Geneva Sat. & only two gals. to a person before.

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