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Home. Friday monring.

Dear Esther--

Well, I haven't much to tell but suppose as you are accustomed to two letters a week I will have to take the place of the one who has quit. You have asked so many questions in your last letter that I'll have had a lengthy letter written to you by the time those are all ans. But I know I can not answer them satisfactorily, because I can not say now if Clark can come down now or not for it all depends on weather, then yo asked if he could come after you in auto. For your sake, I wish he could but of course that also depends, both on weather & on the supply of gasoline. At present we are allowed just two gals. of gas at a time, unless we have a tractor which we do not.

Do not worry about your clothes so far as taking that trip is concerned for no deffinite time is set. I said that particular time, because later on we never have even as much time to spare. The only reason I mentioned going to Marshalltown was I thought we might learn more about the Ames school than we already know.

I got Josephine a pair of black silk hose No. 9 $3.10. Clark did not seem to receive many presents.

Tressie gave a party to the graduates last night. Clark has been on the go every day and night for over a week. Am sick & tired of it. Hope tonight is the last. Wish your school was out too. Ruth wants me to be sure & tell you that she drove the car (Jeffrie) from Martin's home yester. P.M. She is terribly tickled over it.

Well, I must send this if you are to get it this week.

Have so much more to say but what's the use, you will soon be home & then we will talk.

Ruth & I plan a good deal about what we will get done before you get home. You see I must get some H[ouse] cleaning done.

Bye, from


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