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Geneva, Ind. May 1st--20

Dear Esther--

As we will (I suppose) go to church tonight and as some one might come this P.M. I believe I'll write to you now while I have the chance.

The sun shone all day yesterday so I suppose you feel more cheered up. Yes, the weather does have a great deal to do with ones feelings.

The men are still out of the field on account of so much rain, tho' on our way to Portland Sat A.M. (yesterday) we saw men plowing in three different fields and the ground looked actually wet. Papa said they were really doing it harm.

Now, I must explain our trip to Portland. I felt as tho' I didn't have time or patience to make Ruth a coat, so bought one and paid $19.85 for it and its not very good either. There were some there for 25 that were real good but she liked this the best of all. I also got her some oxford slippers $16. A pair of cream colored silk gloves $1 and two pairs of hose & two gingham dresses (unmade) I think the gingham is very pretty. One is 35 the other .75. I want to get her fixed up & out of the way before you come home, for I know you will need to sew for yourself the first thing.

Mrs. Whitsel has bought a 2nd hand Ford. They drew all their money out of the bank to pay for it. Justus brought it to them today & is showing him how to run it. They sold Lady (the horse) last week. It seems a foolish thing for them to do (in my estimation, but she would would not thank me to tell her so.) they even cashed their Liberty Bonds & all.

Don't forget that Wilma's Birthday is the 12th of this month.

How are you folks getting along there without (or with) sugar & potatoes? Papa can't get potatoes enough to plant & we heard yesterday in Portland that sugar is selling there at 35 per. lb. and the papers say there will be a sugar shortage.

Well, I suppose we will hear the Baccalaureate sermon to the graduates tonight.

Lots of talk about Josephine & Loyal getting married. Anyhow they have given up going to Muncie to summer school I know. Elizabeth went to P[ortland] with us yesterday. She says she is going out to Utah in the fall with Mr. & Mrs. Filer. Says Myrtle Mann is there now. All of us went to see an oil well "shot" Fri. A.M. Wasn't much of a sight I didn't think.

Well only one month till you can be home--must close & get dinner. Clark might be down there soon. Do you want to see him? Now don't tell, for they don't.


Mon. A.M.--11 o'clock. Am washing. Lawrence's came over yester. P.M. so it was lucky that I wrote you before they came as we went to the [...] Grove Church to hear the Grad. bac. sermon. It was real good, so also was the singing, as it was the choir from Berne. 20 of them, they sang very nice, & sermon (in my estimation was fine.) I am glad the girls are good to you again, just the same I don't think they did right by you.

Clark goes some with Geraldine B.

Men are in the field today; but wind is in the East & it is clouding up.

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