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Bluffton Ind.,
May 1, 1920

Dear Esther:
I have certainly been busy since I came home. I have been acting as dressmaker and general flunky. Mother has been almost sick with a cold so of course I naturally would have more to do than if she were feeling right. We are about through with the sewing now.

I am not feeling my best yet. I got some medicine yesterday and am hoping it will fix me up. I feel pretty well after I first get up but it soon wears off. Geraldine out weighs me three pounds and I never can stand for that because I always was heavier than she. You ought to see her she is almost bald. Just imagine her Sunday and Friday evenings. I guess our prophecy came true about her being bald at graduation time.

We attended the Baccalaureate and comm. exercises at P.H.S. It didn't seem like the same place, I suppose because "our crowd" wasn't there. There were some of my old class there but not all. Mr. Rigdon gave the comm. address. He was good I thought. However I grew very tired as I had to stand during the entire evening. The class had the chair of John Dyson, the boy who died, draped in black and Mr. Huyette read his diploma. Last evening the Juniors at H.H.S. gave their play "The Spark of Life." They did well and had a jammed house. They are going to give it again this evening. Next week is about a full week for the Seniors. Tuesday eve.--Class night. Wednesday--Junior reception, Thursday--a party at Tressie's, Friday--Commencement and tomorrow night--Baccalaureate.

Things are beginning to look springy here now. The kids said they saw some wild flowers in bloom. I surely hope it is here to stay. Today is beautiful, warm and sunshiny.

I am glad you are liking your room mate. How are the girls? I expect Luella thinks I told her a story because I haven't written as I said I would but tell her my intentions were alright. I hope to have more time for letter writing after school closes. Imagine you had a dandy time at your picnic. How did Emily fare with all your eats and her diet? It is certainly hard on her.

Well I must stop and get to work. This weather almost gives one Spring fever.


Tell every one hello for me.

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