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Home. Thur. A.M.

Dear Esther--

I am very anxious to hear from you again for fear you will worry yourself into homesickness and then to sickness.

Were you here, there would be lots of little happenings about the place to cheer you up & I am in hopes you can soon forget the mean actions there, and above all I hope you do not ans. that letter. I do not tell you this to teach you to do do mean things in return, but for several other reasons. First--It would worry you to know how to ans & take more upon your time than you have to spare. Secondly--no matter what you might say, he seems to be always ready to put a different meaning from what you intend. Third--I think it borders on being ungentlemanly, especially since he was there & never called to even speak to you. There is no settlement necessary such as returning letters & etc. for you have never written anything of which you have a right to be ashamed. If he ignores you, then he surely does not want your letters. So my advice is do not ans. for it will not do one bit of good; but only give him a chance to ans. back some more "irony". I do not mean that word but something similar that does not come to my mind. Just feel above their unchristianlike behavior for they have not been educated the right way.

I washed & ironed for you yesterday, also went to Geneva to have hat fixed over.

Mrs. & [Mr.] Whitsel gave Clark a beautiful gold watch fob.

Want to set incubator this week. Clark is making a little open framed house 8 x 8. by the wild grape vine N.E. of house. Want vines to grow all over it.

I know you will not like that coat, but if you can put up with it while there you can give it to me when you come home and either buy another or make one.

I must quit * go to my washing. Now do quit worrying for I will do a plenty of that for you, you know that.

With love from

Your gingham belt must be there

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