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Home. Tues. eve. Apr. 27.

Dear Esther--

Your letter came today as usual, and were I to tell all that went thru my mind just after I read it, might make me wish we both knew short hand, for of course such treatment toward you by those I supposed were steadfast friends made me feel just "awful." I'm sure I've not the slightest idea why the girls should treat you so, and it surely was very unchristian like. I do hope you cna find some girl there to go with and not depend on them for a single favor. I am so glad that the school is as near out as it is any how. And as for him, if he should never worry about the answer to that letter, I simply would never ans. it. If he does not know you any better, after nearly two years of close acquaintenceship, then to suspect you of making mean remarks (about the time to ans. & etc.) then he never will know you and now would be a good time to quit. I do not believe he is quite so offended as he pretends to be, but truly believe, he, thru someone else's influence (probably K's [presumably Richard's sister, Katherine]) is only wishing for some trouble to get an excuse to quit. And I know were I in your position I would never ans. the letter. It is full of irony. I am suspicious that K. is at the bottom of it all, but even if she were, it would should make no difference in your decision what to do. Now I hope you will take my advice and not ans. at all. Ask no more favors of the girls than you can possibly help. Papa says ask none.

Clark wants to come down there awfully bad, not to see the girls, but--well to see you I guess. Now, don't worry, but just get your lessons & look forward to coming home, for we will all be glad to see you here. That is one place you surely are welcome.

Yes you must send Josephine a gift. I might get the hose for you here if you want me to if you will tell me the color.

Your laundry came yesterday. Have not washed yet this week.

Must close for tonight. Hope you don't get homesick. Would it do you any good for Clark to come down week after next?

Good-night from

Do you have all the money you need.
be sure and destroy my letters, for you don't know who you can trust. I will write soon again didn't have time to "talk" as much as I would have liked

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