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Geneva, Apr. 25--‘20

Dear Esther

I have done most everything I can think of today but write to you. I know I must do that or you will be disappointed. Today has been long but not quite so long as it was last Sun. No company as usual.--except Mrs. Whitsel, Justus & family came for a visit & this time took Wilma. I don't know whether she will stay a day or two or a week or two. Mrs. W. says she just knows she'll get homesick.

There were 9 in the W.W. class. 4 Shoemakers, Clark, Alva, a Miss Glendenning who is visiting Alva, Freddie, Reffe, Emile C.

Clark went to teachers' examination at Decator yesterday, took with him Lloyd Heller, Ervin Pusey, Harold Windemiller. After the exam. was over Lloyd H. had some sort of an operation done to his nose. He felt bad after it (that is rather) so Clark said they waited an hour or two for him to recuperate then they went to a "movie" & Clark did not get home ‘till eleven o'clock. I watched for him from five o'clock till I went to sleep. He says he knows he will not pass. Josephine went too but not with him. He brought the questions home with him & I do not not consider them very hard for one who has reviewed some.

Mrs. Whitsel gave Clark a tie for their grad. gift to him.

Well, Esther we are at a loss to know what to do about the house. It is awful late now and help is very scarce, so scarce that I am not sure we could get either help or material. You know there are some R.R. strikes on now that is doing lots of harm, also the farmers are more than three weeks behind with work, not only here but in Ill, Iowa, and Ohio. Of course you do not understand me quite as well as you would if you could see the dailies, also the Wallace's Farmer. If the weather does not get better or at least more favoriable for farming there is real danger of famine. I wish you were here for me to talk to.

Mon. A.M. another gloomy, cold day, & men can not get in their fields to work. I do not want to make you "blue' but anyhow the farmers are getting pretty anxious.

Clark went to Sprungers yester P.M. Roland passed the ex. the first time; but lacked--I don't know what for I don't understand the way they do here.

I am "digging in" on your coat, the goods frays awfully & I have to bind or whip over (& sometimes both) every raw edge. I do hope I can send it to you tomorrow.

Well, I must close & mail this.

Much love from--Mamma.

Clifford Ziegler Is or was married to a Miss Stevens last week.

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