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148 Sheety Street
W. La Fayette, Ind.
April 22, 1920

Dear Esther,

I'm not so sure but that you had, according to my thoughts, dropped out of existence, at least my existence. Really I'm not so particular that you should drop out of any other kind. You ask me what is the proper time to wait before answering my letter. From that I infer that our relations must be quite strained after having been good friends for so long a time. However it may be true that, as usual, my friendships are not enduring. So if you are uncertain about the time to write, for various reasons of your own, then perhaps it would give you greater freedom, greater satisfaction, and peace of mind and body to refrain as long as possible, or time itself. Perhaps you are wrong; but yet right in your diescovery that you do not take me very seriously, and that you have found the same fact true in me. So in answer to your question I admit that you're right in your interpretation, and your decision to be frank with me. Just so it increases your happiness is all that I care for. You know me well enough to realize that I get not the slightest touch of enjoyment out of other's misery. If you feel, as you once told me a person could alone, so much the more ideal; if you feel free to do as you please so much the greater will be your pleasure in life. It may be that I did not understand your meaning correctly; but I think I am right. If I have been hasty perhaps that is no easy remedy. In the atmosphere of your letter seemed to be plenty of "sunshine" for the future.

Very truly,

P.S. I may have occasion to see you some time.

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