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Home, Apr. 20--1920.

Dear Esther--

Well, your letter came and I see you are anxious about coats & corsets. Well, I suppose you have your corset by now and this P.M. I went to Geneva to get you a coat. I went up to Mrs. Martins first to get pattern & see the coat. She told me I could not get a thing in Geneva that they only had one piece & she knew I would not have that & said it was 2.50 per yd & I could imagine about how cheap that would look. Well, it has rained & rained & still raining so I had neither time no chance to go to Portland so I took this piece. I think it real good for the money, it has been sponged & shrunken, was 2.50 per yd and I got just 3 yd. It was 41 in wide. I think it a nice piece tho' I'll admit I am a little tired of serge, good, bottons & thread comes to $9-60 so if you don't like it, it isn't much lost compared to other spring coats, & if you don't like that coat belt you can get another, it was .50 & is included in cost of coat. How I should like to ask you whether to make the back plain as the pattern is or put a plait down the center. Josephine has one straight pleat down the back and four buttons on it. I will have to use my own judgment I suppose.

I wanted to get the goods in time to cut it out this P.M. so got ready after dinner (Warren & lloyd did noon dishes) went out to the car but the car would not pop once. You see there has been so much moisture collected on & in it that it was "short circuited" & would not do a thing so I waited until Ll Clark came home from school.

We rec'd yesterday a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Peplow. They look quite sweet.

So you don't like Mrs. Carter. I was surprised for I never heard you say one word against her before.

Well, I must say "He" writes you some "queer" letters anyhow.

Well, I'll get your coat made just as soon as I can. Lloyd is making a May basket. Papa has an awfully swelled up face from his tooth.

Must close & "hie" to bed then get up early & either sew or wash.

Am trying to sew tho' the weather has turned out nice. Are having a new "ba ba" house made. Good by, from


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