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At Home
Monday Eve.,

Dear Esther:
Well I arrived home safe and sound Sat. evening. I got along fine on my trip, didn't have any trouble at all and made good time. I got to Bluffton at 6. The folks never got to Bluffton till 9. s usual the Ford was balky.

Tuesday morn.
I started this last night and Liddys' came down so I didn't get it finished. Well to my story again. The folks did not get to Bluffton till nine so I had three whole hours of blissful waiting, I was so tired I thought I'd drop. I really enjoyed my trip, altho' I was alone. It is no trouble at all to get through. I thought of all the things we had studied in Geology because I saw so many rocks. I also saw several people fishing.

There is too much water here at home to fish just at present. There was a very heavy rain here Thursday and the river is clear out of its banks. About 30 acres of our place are under water. I maybe be taking a boat ride some day. It rained again last night and looks as if it might continue yet today.

I guess H.H.S. is going O.K. They got their announcements yesterday and are looking for their rings early this week. I asked Suke what Josephine wanted and she said one day Josephine said she wished every one would get her either silk gloves or hose, so maybe that will help you solve some of your problems. Mamma has Geraldine's voile dress done but has not the other clothes made yet. I expect I'll get in on that part. I have surely made use of the piano since I came home. The other night William was singing "Hartford" in place of "Indiana", in the song Indiana, just for fun. Yesterday Dorothy said "William and some of those other boys are for Hartford but I'm for Indiana." I believe she asked me a million questions yesterday. I mentioned something about all of us going to Bloomington com[mencement] week and she is highly in favor of it. I haven't said so very much about it yet but I don't imagine they will be very hard to persuade if conditions, machine and everything else, are favorable.

How is every one? We are all O.K. I must hurry or the mail carrier will go. Tell the girls I said hello. Wishing you all success possible. I am

Your friend
Josephine Baker.

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