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Home, Apr. 18--1920.

Dear Esther--

I wonder if you have spent as lonesome and dreary a Sun. as we have. Somehow it seemed awfully long today. We've had so much rain and even tonight the wind is in N.E. and not very promising for fair weather. Most of us are somewhat "blue" Mr.Whitesel said tonight he'd like to crawl in a hole and then pull the hole in after him. The rain has been coming in thru the ceiling of the D.R. so bad. It has sprung a new leak in S.W. corner and takes in almost a fourth of the ceiling.

No one went to S.S. but papa and Clark in the W.W. class there were just Clark & a Roth girl. They have a new minister there now, and Farrar preaches at Fiatt now. I do not see why none of Shoemaker boys go to S.S. any more.

Did you get your meat O.K?

Ruth said this evening she was getting tired of sleeping alone. Said after she'd blow the light out & feel her way to bed in the dark and had walked over the bare floor that she felt kind of "spooky" I just laughed & she said "yes", she felt afraid then I said well we'd soon have moonlight nights, but she said "that won't help me now" Then I said "well Esther would soon be home, but she said that wouldn't help her now. I wanted to know what would help now, then she said to let Warren sleep with her. So he is up there in bed with her now and asleep I think. He has changed his bed several times lately. He slept with Clark last night. They went to bed about seven o'clock.

Mrs. Whitsel's arm is almost perfectly healed. She told me to be sure & tell you.

I haven't set a hen yet. Isn't that awful. Clark has been setting out some trees. The ground is so wet that is about all he could do. We have about decided to just fix this house over. Times are so queer it is not safe to under take any thing much. I am not sure even when that can be done as the water is so high that no one can go to Berne for help.

Am anxious to know how you answered that "peculiar" letter, and I wish you would be sure & destroy the last one I sent you & this one too for that matter. Will try & give your spring wrap some attention this week. Am counting the weeks till you'll be home. Six more, isn't it?

By by from--

[There was a second page from Clark and Mamma in this envelope. It has no salutation and is undated, so I think it probably was part of a different letter. If I come across a letter that seems to go with it, I'll move it to that file. For now, I'll include it here.]

There are 21 cases of scarlet fever in Geneva. They will close the school this week. But last Friday night they gave a play (by the school mind you) and this week close the school. Isn't that "some" managing?

Say, how would you like for all of us to take a trip in the auto as far as Marshaltown about the second week of June? You know we will never go any where, later than that because we are always very busy & this year more than usual, Papa says he thinks we can and is quite in favor of it unless things turn out awful, extremely late crops & etc. I mean.

Had a swell time Fri nite, the teacher of the School gave the H.S. a reception, it came nearer being a dance than any thing else tho. For two weeks it has been rain rain and more rain until I feel like I'd like to be run thru a ringer. School takes up at 8 oclock standard time and it is 8 sometime now so bye for this time will write later if I--if I do, Clark.

The last (May) Elite has come, now. I believe your time is out & I'll let you see to the renewing when you come home.

That reception Clark mentioned was by the teacher (H.S.) of the Twp. There were only Tressie, Mr. Willis, Howard Hoffman & C. Striker there that night, owing to the very bad stormy night. The refreshments were just apples. But I think they (Clark & Ruth said) had a good time never-the-less.

Clark seems to be O.K. anyhow he eats as usual & does not cough any more. Ruth wore her pink middy costume to the school-house party & looked very nice.

It looks very rainy today. I am not washing. Must go to work, probably sew some today. Need pillow slips so bad. Also dish-towels * every day aprons. Clark wore overalls to school this A.M. He said if he had thought of it sooner he would have proposed that they graduate in overalls as they are getting to be quite the style. Men are forming overall clubs, men of distinction.


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