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April 14, 1920

Dear Esther,

Did you get home all right the other night, thru the storm and the coldness of everything? After your angry spell and utter disappointments, I hope you are feeling better. I never knew you to get so expressive before, so you see I was greatly surprised when I discovered your recent mood. Again I am shocked to hear that you know so much “meanness” and [interpreted] something that I said or wrote as an example of my disillusioned manner. You can easily diagnose the case, and the character generally. Pardon me for getting personal (really) for the first time; but do you care how mean I become? I’ve never given you much of a chance to criticize your dear “friend” for unsanctioned acts. I consider it very interesting to know just how much you would stand for. Since you think that I did some letters not nice and even tho you would not respond I’m doubtful.

Wholly your letter was quite interesting and some of the subjects expanded were very interesting; in fact vitally important in a great many respects. As to my ability to understand you, I must confess it is not admirably efficient. When you yourself think you are a puzzle, why I’m at a loss too. But I won’t say you are funny, etc. If I think it I’ll be doing well.

This is another typical day in our existence and this evening there are fine indications of some more snow. If this continues I shall be unable to begin my collections soon enough to get through by June 5. That is only one of my troubles or rather inspirations. Now isn’t that queer? I got a letter from a girl up in Wis. And she says it is even 10º below yet at times. Some fine spring weather n’est-ce pas, Mlle.? We ought to be pleased enough. Here’s hoping for your better success and happiness.


P.S. I bet your pardon for “that.” C ing as you know.

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