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Geneva Ind.
April 12 1920

Dear Sister:--I was at school to day for the first time in almost two weeks. Everything was the same as usual tho.

Mamma had me read a part of your letter and as she asked my opinions I gave them then she told me to write them to you now I am writing (quite a succession of incidents)

Perhaps I am rather radical but this world needs a few radicals of the right kind to make it up and straiten it out. Well that's entirely off of the subject as Willie (Prof) says. I believe if I were you I'd write like this:--

Bloomington Ind. I.U.
April 12 1920

Dear Richard:--You seem to have something on your mind that is worrying you,--what is the matter do you want me to teach you to write love letters, surely you can't blame me for your inability to do so it is not my fault.

This is not the first time you have mentioned such things in a rather vague way if there is anything wrong say so. The attitude of your letters belie your apparent actions. I appreciate those friendly tokens such as those flowers but why after doing that do you then turn around and write such letters. I would like an explanation if you can't explain you may return my letters and sever all such relations as we have had in the past.

As Ever

perhaps that's pretty strong but he is geting to the place and so are you that you must set your foot down hard and just step partly on his toes when you do so and have him say "pardon me".

When it comes to having a good time this summer, I can humbly offer you my services if they will do then we can do as we please when we please.

The folks have been canning meat all day and have a boiler full on right now it's about ready to take off tho. I'm geting sleepy and am tired so I'll go to bed now. It snowed hard almost all after noon and is real cold tonight (great weather) Well
Good nite
Your Brother
E. Clark M.

[Included at the bottom of the page is a small floor plan, with numbered rooms and a numbered key listing the uses of each room.]

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