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Home, Apr. 12-20, Mon. Eve.

Dear Esther--

Your letter came today. Was not really looking for a letter until tomorrow. We have been canning meat all day. The second boiler full is on and will not come off till 9-30. There will be 29 or 30 qts all together. it is needless to say I am very tired as testing those cans is a "job", sort of "hard on the judgment."

Clark went to school today and tho' it has been a fierce day, I believe he is none the worse for it. The ground is covered with snow this evening.

Well, my letter is to deal principally with that quotation you sent. It looks quite plain to me that he wants to quit your company and is giving you hints to that effect. May be he would rather you would say "let's quit" than for him to. I would surely give him the chance to give those girls there all of his attention, especially when he has told you more than once that your correspondence and company have been no benefit to him. I think he is a conundrum anyhow. Clark has no girl for this summer. He told me this eve. to tell you he would take you around this summer.

I could not help laughing when he said he had never written a love letter to you. I wonder who he thought should begin it & I wonder if he thinks it necessary. I am a married woman, had a number of fellows in my time & never rec'd what you might call a love letter in my life. and I don't think I have missed so much by not having them either. anyhow I know I am more happily married than some others who have had stacks of them.

I hardly agree with Clark in his way of ans. him; but I believe such an answer as that would offend him & would scarcely be lady-like; but to make a long story short I would (1) let him know the meaning I took from his letters (2) give him the chance to quit your cor. & company then it would be up to him to say something plain for you will then have done your part. Your letters have been so matter-of-fact that it looks, to me, quite unnecessary for their return. But if you quit, be sure & quit as friends for it is so unpleasant to do so as some do, especially when both parties live near each other. (over at top)

[The remainder of the letter is continued in the top margin of the first page, written upside down.]

You may miss the regular mail from him and feel more lonesome; but it will not be long until you are home. It really is puzzling to know why he gave you so much of his time when he was home also those flowers, then turn and write as he does. But if you do as I say you may "wring" some understanding from him anyhow & still give no offense. -- Mamma

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