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Dear Esther,

Didn’t write to you yesterday P.M. as we drove over to Lawrence’s in P.M. but they were not at home. Had a nice ride any how. Then in the eve we got to talking house again and have almost decided to make this house over, just comfortably, (and in time see if Ben can’t get us over there, where it will be pleasanter for papa and me) this in parenthesis is vague plans for the future. But, I think it best to make the house over for several reasons, too many to mention here, but it will not cost near as much and we will have money enough and need not go in debt one penny which is a risky thing to do right now. Gov. Handley spoke in Geneva yesterday and he said we were having some peculiar times & if the U.S. was not very careful & people did not settle down to business & go to work “all would go wrong.”

Guess Clark will go to school this A.M. tho’ it is awful rainy & miserable.

We will can our “pig” today. Well, just seven more weeks, till you will be home.

From Mamma

I tho’t I could send this letter to town early this A.M. with papa when he went after can-rubbers; but he beat me. He has gone & returned and we are now busy canning meat. It is after 11 o’clock now.

Papa & Lloyd went to S.S. yesterday. There was not one in your class, and it was a lovely day too. The autos went by so thick that I tho’t once there surely was a funeral procession, seven between us & Martin’s. I said to Clark, did you see a hearse? But he said, no.

Well, I must close & get busy. Can hardly wait till your school is out,

Bye bye from

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