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Geneva Indiana
April 10 1920

Dear Sister:-- This is Sat. morning ďand a beautiful morniní it isĒ pretty chilly tho.

Mamma said she intended as much as could be to write yesterday but it entirely slipped her mind so itís up to me this morning.

I havenít been to school yet havenít even had my nose out of door but Iím going to stick my nose out thru that broken window in my room if I canít do anything else.

I sent off for 500 strawberry plants yesterday. I donít know if Iíll be able to set them out or not but hope so.

We are going to butcher a hog today, wish you could be here to help devour the beast. Maybe we can send you some cooked Ďdeadí pig tho. Ha! It makes it nice that way you know!

What would you think if we decided to remodel this house instead of building a new one. Change it from the present plan only by adding a kitchen and a couple of bedrooms u stairs then stay here a year or two then move over by Van Wert. Stucco the old shack, refinish the wood work with enamel instal a pipeless furnace & Presto-Chango we have a new house one to be proud of with a northeast front. Tell me what you think of it P.D.Q.

Did your laundry arrive safely mamma said it was a pretty valuable package.

I havenít got to make a bit of garden yet neither has Mrs. Whitsel and I donít know when I can get to make any.

Her arm is getting better. Mamma is cooking a pumpkin of Mrs. W. It smells like dandelion greens. Makes me hungry for them

I get my Diploma four weeks from last night.

Well Iíve run dry canít think of anything else to say so
Bye Byeó
Your convalescent bubbie
E. Clark M.

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