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Purdue 148
Wednesday 5:00 P.M.

Dear Esther,

Without lack of enthusiasm, I was very glad to get your “card” today. No doubt you were sleepy also; but still quite able to think of others and realize the phase of admirable courtesy which is so desirable in anyone, especially a girl. You must understand that many things, which are overlooked in a man with […] carelessness, are very necessary in a girl. She simply has got to be better better than a fellow when both are placed in the same social environment. The impression that personal appearance, manners, and self control makes upon others is the first and really the most important thing in determining one’s character, habits, and popularity. As I said, very much more perfection is demanded of a woman and therefore it is perhaps the reason that she is usually superior. If things were absolutely according to theory this would be much truer than it really is, for I think it is necessary to admit that some are always “wrong”. We foolish men often think women are angels, as innocent as such, until we are told differently or find out for ourselves. But, I like, at least, to think good of everyone, altho it is not always possible.

No, I am working regularily again and must say that I am falling readily into my routine with less difficulty than usual, altho I feel very serious, not quite sad; but with a feeling of extreme calmness. What caused it, I am uncertain for often the mind is impelled by unexplainable mysteries. To day some of the fellows in class said, “I wonder what is the matter with Glendening, he does not say anything today”. True I do often like to be to myself, alone with my thoughts of work, play, or reminiscence; altho I’m not sure a fellow must or ought not be alone very much.

I complimented you for writing to me, for giving me the information I desired, and now I must try to give a decent excuse for not writing sooner myself. Often I delay for the purpose of perhaps getting more time, and inspiration to write a letter that would be presentable. If I had chosen to write to you yesterday it would have been only a hurriedly written short note with very little significance. As I once said, I believe, it is very hard to write perfectly lovely letters and yet be safe and non-committed. Do you realize that I have never written you a love letter during our long correspondence, at least a real one, and that by that you have missed a great lot of inspiration and enjoyment. It may be impossible for us to reach that “state”, in fact quite a long enough time has elapsed without any apparent “good” for either of us. If such is your feeling do not believe that love is an impossible thing, with someone else. I’m not sure, for I have never had the opportunity that girls have, but I think it would be fine for you to enjoy the company of real love “makers”. If I fail, of course it is regrettable; but at the same time enlightening enough to the wise. Coming back to the beginning of this paragraph I am writing now because I have more time. My work for Thursday is not hard so I have no prepares to do. In fact I have not studied any since coming back Tuesday morning. Yes I got three hours of intense sleep before my eight o’clock class; got here at 4:30 and got up at 7:30. Just “s I told you”, I did not get those Durocs judged correctly either and it was my first class two hours long. I had an “awful” meal at noon for I almost slept thru my entomology lecture at one o’clock. In fact I never was so nearly lacking insomnia in a class before in my life.

I imagine that all of you I.U. students who remained at Linden that night do have enough of traveling for awhile. That was a very uncomfortable trip anyway; but lots of fun too. Since the train men have joined the Chicago strikes I do not know what the results will be to the railroads. I do know that some of Adams’s who went to Chicago the other night could not get into the station; that is the train could not; but they had to walk a mile to reach it.

I’m hoping that by this time you are easily the winner over the sandman, and your professor’s assignments. Also that spring weather cannot be far off. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday and I have sent her a box of flowers, today. With best wishes to you also and write, R.D.Q. (?) Don’t ask what that is.


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