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Mon. Morning 10-30, I am just back from town there was a "cyclone' passed to the south and east of Geneva last evening at the time we had our hail storm. At West Liberty (West of Bryant) 11 people were killed and not a building was left standing. South and East of town there were a dozen or more sets of farm buildings blown down and several people killed, probably seven according to latest accounts. It was a "real" twister and did lots of damage. I think we were fortunate to escape with a few broken window panes. I will close and post this hope to see you soon.


[Ed. In northeastern Indiana, 39 people were killed by three tornadoes on Palm Sunday. The twisters spanned Allen through Wayne counties, then moved eastward into Ohio. On that day, tornadoes occurred in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, and Indiana, killing a total of 163 people.

Photos of damage from the March 28, 1920 tornado that hit Ossian, Indiana
Indiana Tornado Statistics]

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