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Geneva Indiana
Mar. 28, 1920

Dear Sister:--

Well we have had quite a lot of excitement in this house the last hour. I went to Dorothy Shoemakers for dinner to-day. I walked home and it was blowing strong then. I hadn't been here an hour when it began to a blow real hard and rain so hard. And I told papa that there was a black cloud in the south and south east and a bout 15 min after that it hailed a little bit then. It blew harder & harder and papa heard a roaring noise and then papa heard a few hail stones thunder on the house papa knew right away what it was. Wilma was up hear because Mrs. Whitsel went to town to have her arm dressed. I was scared stiff and Wilma began to cry when the hail came and thundered on the roof that I couldn't hear her cry the way I could tell she was crying was that I could see her jaws go. It broke the lower part of the window that is the four windows of the lower part of the window. The west window in the dining room and broke two panes in the front room and one pane up stairs in my room. We have. [Ed. Continued by Mamma.] Yes, I should say she was scared. I don't know whether you will have any home to come to or not. The roof over the D.R. has holes in it large enough for cats to crawl thru & they often do. So when it began to hail so hard I really was afraid it would come thru the roof. There are six seven broken window lights so you may know it did some hailing.

Clark went over to see Rose. Don't know if it hailed there or not. Justis & wife were to Whitsel's last night & today I think Mrs. W. was looking for them to take Wilma, but they did not and it is my opinion they never will and it has been so hard for Mrs. W. to care for here since her arm was hurt. Poor little orphan! I don't know who will care for her when Mrs. W. is gone. I have cared for her so much lately I feel quite attached to her myself.

Lloyd's school is out this week. Well, I'll tell you the rest when you come home.

Ruth wishes you were here tonight to sleep with her she got so scared during the storm. Scarlet fever is still near us, some in Geneva & lots in Ft. Wayne, but none in our school now.

Hope to see you soon

[Ed. In northeastern Indiana, 39 people were killed by three tornadoes on Palm Sunday. The twisters spanned Allen through Wayne counties, then moved eastward into Ohio. On that day, tornadoes occurred in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, and Indiana, killing a total of 163 people.

Photos of damage from the March 28, 1920 tornado that hit Ossian, Indiana
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