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Thursday A.M.

Dear Esther--

Another hurry up letter.

I suppose you will be getting ready, one week from now to come home.

Am almost afraid for you to plan on doing any sewing. For-- Mrs. Whitesel fell on Mon. last while I was putting the clothes on the line and cut an awful gas in her right arm. Hurt it clear to the bone. I saw her fall & went down immediately and did all I could for her; but she wished for you any how. We had her to the Dr. within an hour for the kids soon came home from school & Clark took her right in. I have to help her so much with her work, as there is no one else to. Was down there about 9 o'clock & washed her dishes, swept kitchen & room, & combed her & Wilma's hair.

The garden is plowed.

Do not see or hear a word from carpenter man. I've nearly made up my mind we can make this house over & live in it at same time. The book that came from Curtis & Co. have house made (on outside like this one & every front porch is made like ours. No railing of any kind & old fashioned posts as old style as ours & more so, mind I say on all of their styles. Had I picked the book up in some one's old attic I would surely laughed to see the old styles, & would never suspected it was a new catalogue. Of course the inside is right up to date.

Will close, hoping to see you soon, let us know when & when to meet you,

Did you get your laundry & "eats" O.K.?

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