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Almost Smothered
In Warmth
March 22, 1920

Dear Esther,
Have you given me up? It has been a long time since I received your letter; but I have not been at home. Let us hope at least that if I had been here I could have found time to write, thus perhaps cheering you a bit. Of course one cannot always have somebody around to cheer them up, so it is necessary to become self-dependent, and capable to live happily alone if that is the case. If you are able to see your lack of ability along certain lines, then the solution is not hard. Too many times a person will not see his own faults and not often will a friend like to embarrass him by speaking about it. Simply exert and effort towards your ideals. Persistency will win there. Self-conscious should be an invisible term.

In order to make my letter more entertaining I might relate some affairs of Purdue etc. Last Friday evening I (took a girl named Mary) & went to an "International Night" program at Fowler Hall, given by the Cosmopolitan Club. The Chinese had the most interesting nos. including some athletic stunts; music, native to their country; a play entitled "The Return", despicting the return of a Chinese soldier from the war to his wife; also a representation of the League of Nations. A.M. De La Torre, a former I.U. student, from Peru, played the guitar. I remember when the Cosmo's had a similar program at I.U. last year.

Saturday I went out home with Mr. Stafford, near Frankfort; we returned last night after having thoroughly enjoyed various social engagements and good eats. I even had sassafras tea! We attended a carnival and dance at Frankfort Sat. evening. The town seems similar to Bloomington except for the lack of students to give it a distinguished air.

Tonight the members of the fair sex of Purdue University are staging a "Manless" Hop at the Gym and we "predative males" are eluded. The music is to be given by the Purdue Girls' Ukelele Orchestra, and I imagine that the "men" and their ladies will have a very funny time at the dance. However I think they wear the simple middy suits, whatever they are. Wishing you lots of joy.

Very sincerely,

[A rough draft of Esther's reply was included in the envelope.]

I started this letter last evening with the full intention of finishing it then so that it could be sent this morning. Then, when I only had the heading the thought of all the lessons I had to get assailed me with the result that I layed it aside not to be touched again until this after noon at 4:20. (Fri) Now I can go at it with a free mind. I consider letter writing, that is good letter writing, an art just as much as painting or writing poetry. Although training and effort help the ordinary person to do good only those naturally gifted can make a true success. Luella and I have often talked about letters. I don't see how she can sit down and write pages and pages and still say she cold write lots more. Her The explanation she gives is that she just writes what comes to her mind. However that would not have been a very safe rule for most of the people at this university to follow this week. For myself, my head has the last few days been a complete mix up of French verbs, English themes, bibliographies, chemical formulas, grammatical rules, acids, endothermic compounds, deffinitions, carbohydrates, and hydrocarbons. I heard Katherine say a little while ago that chemistry was going through all sorts of reactions in her head. But we ought to begin to recuperate soon for all our chem. exams are over. The organic chem exam was not as hard as I feared, neither was the analytical chem. hard for one who knew it. The trouble was that I didn't know. It is certain that I will not get as good of grades this semester as I did last neither in chem or any thing else. I have heard of the most bad grades. In one English class there was one B two C's and the rest D's and D-s. The grades in my French class almost equalled that. Aren't you glad you are in a school where they don't have mid-semester exams? ___ ___ ___ That stands for supper and then a good time with the girls. We were feeling so good because our exams were over that we had to find some outlet for our energy. We finally decided that the best thing would be a little walk to the grocery. However our walk ended up at the show downtown. We saw Marguerite Clark in "Three Men and a Girl." I truly enjoyed myself. With the exception of "The Shepherd of the Hills" at the Student Building that is the first show I have been to here since last October.

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