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Home, Thurs. evening, March 18, 1920

Dear sister, I think I'll send you a colored picture of a red-bird so you will know what they look like. I think they look pretty; don't you?

We, (that is, I and Lucille) have only two more weeks of school. Then you will not get the chance to visit our room. Aren't you sorry? Now, since Harold Mosser died Striker doesn't want to give any program. It's just taken the heart right out of him. He wanted to get a picture of Harold and Carl taken together, but he never got any. He has a picture of Harold standing alone. He is going to get more pictures printed. My! I'm glad he is. I'm going to get just one print. Silvan Meyer copied down the names at school. *I guess he got about one and one half pages full.

Yesterday Papa took Clark and I to town to see the M.D. (Dr. Price). He thumped Clark's chest and had him cough several (3 or 4) times. He gave him some medicine. He said it was alright for me to go to school and so I did.

*He copied down the names of the kids that wanted Harold's picture.

Farrars have moved over south of Riffes. That makes them about three miles away from Hartford Church.

Papa's Income Taxes were one hundred ten dollars more than they were last year. I think that's awful, don't you?

Papa sold our hogs yesterday and is to deliver them today. tomorrow

The Elite hasn't come for this month, and mamma thinks it won't come any more this year. Aren'ty you sorry? It doesn't make so very much difference to me.

I can't think of anything else to say so--

Good-By! Floyd.

P.S. I brush my teeth and wash my hands and face, now.

[More from Mamma, written at the end, in pencil.]

You have the last two Elites. Today is the 19th of M'ch & none has come yet & I just wondered if our time had run out. Guess Clark & Lloyd are about O.K. any how they are well enough to nearly tear the house down. Clark has been tormenting Ruth till she yells as loud as usual. Did your eats carry O.K.? -- Mamma

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