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Dear Esther--

Will steal some tiem and ans. some of your questions in yesterday's letter.

Will have to dry my clothes again in the house. O! I am so tired of that, but yesterday was so windy. I knew the clothes would just flop to pieces if I put them out.

Lloyd is at home, not because his throat is worse; but that it does is not doing justice to the rest to send a kid to school with his throat all wrapped up just at the present anyhow. Striker thought his throat quite sore; but I do not. Any how he has a good appetite good no fever and is playing all the time. Heard this A.M that Striker is hired to teach in Berne next year. Our trustee is too slow or he would have held on to him.

Will send you some black tafeta silk. It will match near enough won't it?

Well, if you want to undertake making a wrap when you come home, I'll help all I can. But don't can not promise now whether that will be much or little.

Clark & Ruth went to school. I believe Clark's cough is some better.

You need not bring send that picture of Helen & Clark home now, but might bring it when you come as Ruth thinks a good deal of it.

Had lots of rain, thunder & lightning last night. O. I do so want one nice bright sunny day.

Bye bye, from

Yes, I think you have lots to do. Will be very glad when that old school is out.

No, don't use old material in wrap. This wrap will make Ruth a skirt ofr middy or something.

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