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I am at home today cause my thoat is sore

10:55 a.m. Geneva, Indiana,
March 16, 1920.

Dear Sister,

I got down Clark's turpentine paints last Sunday and have been using them ever since. I am sending a sample of my painting to you in this letter. I like to paint birds the best. I painted a woodpecker yesterday and have been wondering what to do with it. Then I thought maybe I coudl fasten it to a real piece of wood (I cut it out ten I put it on a stick of wood as I said). When you come home you can see it. Lehmans put in a telephone yesterday I don't know ehich line they are on.

Our package of seeds came yesterday.

We had quite a spring storm last night. It is the first time I heard thunder this year. Ruth came down stairs because there was too much smoke in her room (before the storm came up) and said there was too much smoke in her room. Mamma told her to go back and open her window and let it out. So she went back again and did so. Then pretty soon she came down again and told Mamma it wouldn't go out. So Mamma told her to stay down here. Then up came the storm! My! how it did pour down! Ha! Ha!! And all the time Ruth's window was open. Then Papa woke up and went up stairs and closed it.

When I got up and looked out doors this morning it had made many mud puddles.

Warren traces pictures of lions and bears & tigers, then cuts them out and shoots at them with pencils or else takes his jack-knife and jabs them (just to amuse himself).

All I can think of,

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