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1920-03-14 page 1 A Beautiful Day
March 14, 1920

Dear Esther,
I found that your letter was not seriously affected by the rain drops unless there was a note of sadness betrayed somewhere. It seems to me that the first thing one would think of when in that mood would be tears falling in harmony with the weeping of Mother Nature.

1920-03-14 page 2True this is a fine reminder of spring, and as you say why should not youth turn to thoughts of love. The song birds are returning and no doubt you have seen them long before we have here, being down South farther. However I have not noticed those other effects of which you lamented so seriously. Do things like that annoy you much? I remember how it got so last year there in the sheltered campus or before the crowded halls of learning; although I seldom had time to enjoy everything as much as was possible. What makes you think no boy would like to stop and chat with you? Surely you have more confidence in your ability to attract than that. Fellows like to have girl friends who are sociable and of a friendly attitude, and they know that if you could not interest others too, that you could not interest me either. You may draw the final conclusion from that, as to how things stand.

Say, I never did a very fearful thing in my life, especially in the way of harm to a girl, so you do not need fear me. No matter what would happen, I'm willing to protect the beauty, the sacredness, the innocence, or the character of any deserving girl or woman. It is no more than any man with the instincts of a gentleman would do.

Even tho I live here in La Fayette I'm slightly glad that Franklin won the tournament from Jeff. H.S. I suppose it created much excitement and interest there. Friday evening I went over to observe the Blanket Hop a few minutes. Purdue is a real place for dances! All sorts of jazz music and attractions.

It is likely that I can see you about April 4 if you go home, for I intend to spend a day or so there too.

Very sincerely,

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