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1920-03-10 page 11920-03-10 page 2 Thurs. A.M.

As Ruth has written some, I will "put in" too. Washed yesterday and have to dry every thing in the house. I will be glad when the weather is so I can dry the clothes out of doors.

Well, we have the worst disease of all now in our school, diphtheria. The twin Mosier boys have it. One of them took sick at school one week ago today. He sat just across the aisle from Lloyd. It is hard telling what will follow now. If there are any more cases, school will close. You need not be surprised if I write and tell you not to come home on your vacation, for the way the different diseases are around now you are better off there. Clark said this A.M. that the Berne quarantine is extended another week on account of scarlet fever, and Ft. Wayne has a good many cases of it. Mrs. Forest Shoemaker told me over ‘phone that Minnie Leichty had it quite bad and they had her in the hospital there.

There was some nurse at the school house yesterday & the day before examing the kids. I do not know as she did any particular good as she didn't have time to do a very thorough job. -- five min. each and then didn't get through. But any way when our kids got in the house that eve. Lloyd jerked off his cap and hollered to me & said "Mamma, I'm sound. I'm sound." She told him he must always wash his hands & face before he eat his breakfast and I have not needed to remind him of it since he also has sent to town for a tooth brush. He thought she was just "it"

Well, just think! I haven't washed my breakfast dishes yet.

Clark wanted to go down there this week just awfully bad; but we didn't let him go, on account of expense, diseases, and his missing school at same time.

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Hope your heavy work is over for a while.

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