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1920-03-10 page 11920-03-10 page 2 Geneva Indiana
Mar. 10 1920

Dear Sister:

Well, I have got a lot to tell. This is what comes in my brain all at once ice cream (4), nurse (3), deases (2), and pictures (5). That is how it is when I go to write. They all come in at once. And I get them jumbled up so I can't think what to write first. (1) Well first I put the separator togather this evening and got it all right. What do you think of that. (2) There is diptheria & scarlet fever around O! Yes Valentine [...] was at school to-day. Eichers had adopted Carl & Herold Mooser some years ago and thoes twins have the diptheria. Hearold is not expected to live. They have not closed down the school.

(3) The school nurse whoes name is Miss Story was at the school yesterday and to-day. She has taught school for 5 years and was in France 1 year and a half. She is [stout] built, her face makes me think of Maud Powell or rather Maud Carr. I think she is real nice and so do the rest of the pupils of the school. She talked to us D.S. girls yesterday noon because she got some sugar to sweeten her coffee. She wanted to pay but we would not take it. Again to day we got our bid in to be examined. She only was supposed to examine just the grades but she examined all the highschool pupils that that wanted to. She talked to us girls a few minutes all put to gether while we were waiting our turn she took possession of the laboratory. She spent about five min. for each person. She I am supposed to get another pair of glasses. She looks at you throught and tells wheather you need glasses by reading some letters and she asks you question.

Well we served ice cream to-day and last Wed. too. We gave Miss story a big dish of ice cream for nothing oh yes She gave a little talk right after the [gong] sounded at noon about 20 min. Last week we had Harold Windmiller to pound the ice for us. This time Clark and Harold pound[ed] the ice and turned the freezers and cleaned the dashers you know now how.

Next picture well one is Helen and tother is Clara.

B By for next time Ruth

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