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1920-03-07 page 1 Geneva Ind.
March 7 1920

"Mein [liebes] schwester"[My dear sister]:-- Mamma says I must' write and I ought to I know but I am not in the proper mood neither am I surrounded by the right environments. Ruth and Warren are scraping and wrestling around making an awful racket.

Our score with Bluffton was 23-41 with Bluffton ahead. B Hartford City beat Decatur 13-39 22-49 [Hartford City beat] Bluffton 19-52. Ossian a little school that Geneva beat on their own floor played the finals with H. City Sat. nite 13-39.

Hartford City took the meet easily and have a good show for the state.

H.Jr.H.S. took second place in "god appearance" on the floor with our old green and purple suits that have seen 24 games and 19 victories besides the practice. While Bluffton took first place in brand new red and white suits that cost about $12 apiece.

I would like to visit you a while but do not see how I can manage it.

Well good bye

"I'm awfully sleepy"


[More from Mamma on the back of Clark's letter]

1920-03-07 page 1 I wonder if it is as cold there this A.M. as it is here. It is as cold in the D.R as it is out doors. You know there is no stove in there now. Am not washing today on account of high wind & cold.

Will try to sew some this P.M. I believe it will be best for you to plan on coming home in Apr. Will send you a general plan of the house as soon as I can; but I think papa will send off for the lumber before you come home. I am sorry to do so much deciding without you; but don't know how it can be avoided.

Writing to you is such a poor way to give or get an understanding, besides when I write my hand gets so tired so soon.

Hope you buy lots of oranges for yourself for we keep them in the house for ourselves nearly all the time. So buy for yourself.

Will close & let papa mail this.

With love from -- Mamma.

Papa seemed to enjoy the games as well as the next one.

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