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Dear Esther--

Hope you did not get disappointed last week, in not getting a letter from me. Guess I'm getting to be too much of a Basket Ball Fan. Just think! As cold as it was, Papa, Lloyd and I (of course Clark) went to Bluffton to the Tournament, on Fri. You see H.H.S. boys played Bluffton that P.M. Now to begin at the beginning, -- Some time ago when Martins were up here, we spoke of the Tournament & I said now I want to go to that and Mrs. M--. says now let's go. So about Wed. eve. she ‘phoned and wanted to know if we still intended going & I said I thought so, and she proposed us going in their car with them as there was only she, Mr. & Elizabeth to go in it. Thur. eve. she said they were going in the A.M. and would take a lunch along. So Ruth & I baked a cake that eve. in the A.M. I made peanut butter sandwiches & also egg. Then in the A.M. Mr. M-- went to town first (and papa went along and got some cheese. He (Mr. M.) stopped and got me & my lunch and Ruth & Warren went as far as Martin's and stayed there while we were gone. It seems that Josephine had planned to go with Margarite Bears, but it was too cold for them to come after her, so she went with us. She sat on Mrs. M.'s lap all the way. She was to meet Marguerite B-- at courthouse and they were going to stay at M's aunt's during the whole tournament. Well, they met there and I didn't see her but once until we went home. Clark had Rose, Fridler had Elizabeth A. Elizabeth Martin was alone, but I am going too fast. Before it began, we went in the hall and eat our lunch early then went up in N. gallery. Pretty soon all of the Hartford young folks were up there too. I saw Geraldine Baker but tho' Justine was there I didn't see her. Lloyd went with Clark but came home with us. Say, but he enjoyed it. You would be surprised to know how well he understood the game. Bluffton had two megophones, two yell leaders & the school band. I saw there games played. The first was Ossian &[Goshen]. It was fairly quiet, then [Petroleum] & Dunkirk. People were more noisy over there. But when B & H.H.S. began. O! the noise! I never heard its equal. Never. Clark will tell you about the games in detail.

We came home immediately after our boys played, and I haven't hardly gotten over that hearing outlandish noise yet.

Clark is making out our list of seeds this evening. Will send for them tomorrow. I forgot to tell you Geraldine said she thought Justine would go back for the spring semester. But Mrs. Martin said she heard she was awfully nervous yet. I think if she is, I don't see how she ever endured that racket yesterday (Fri, I mean).

Clark would like to go down there to the Tournament; but I am afraid it would cost more than it would be worth.

Every one is getting anxious to have you come home. Ruth wants you to be sure & visit the school and Wilma says they are going to eat their big rooster when you come.

I don't know much about the W.W. Class. Clark has not been there for three or four Sun. Today there were three in the class. I don't think there are any girls to go there now at all. Bertha is working in Fr. Wayne & so is Alva & Harry.

Elizabeth Martin said she suspicioned that Georgia would be married soon, but not to John Oxbarger. I don't know who to.

Well, I believe this is all. Clark said he would write to you; but he is trying to beg off now.

With much love

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