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March 5, 1920

Dear Esther,

I'm sorry to disappoint you so much for not using a new salutation this time, but I have been too slow in learning that new language. How do you wish me to salute you? Perhaps it would be easier not to learn a new language of words when kissing should be used for the universal language of love. You know it is everywhere the same, understood by all and practiced by selected individuals. Ha! New York university girls have decided that kissing is "safe and sane". How do you agree with this; "Nonsense! A kiss that is safe and sane isn't a Kiss--it's just a duty!" But alas, I'm too far away to be of any use and it seems so cold here too.--Now, what is it that you want to scold me about? Is there ever any possible chance of me seeing you angry? Would I ever "live" to see you the second time? Are you in a fanatical mood because you think I may be going with too many girls? Really, I have not quite severely abused my opportunity, although I must admit that it's too lonely up here without a "light" to inspire and entertain me.--I promised to tell you about the show "A Minister's Wife's New Bonnet" didn't I? Well I had a very pleasant bit of entertainment that evening. My old friend Judson (I.U. again.) played the minister, Roomie's girl played the part of the ladies sewing circle's disturbing element. The trouble arose over who should furnish the hat for the preacher's wife to wear to the convention. Each member had a different idea. The play was a musical comedy and contained some clever song hits and various sketches.

Last evening I went to the Home Concert of the Purdue Glee Club and there was to be found a fine two and one-half hours musical assortment of the most popular songs, music and "jazz" band pieces. Tonight now, I am going to remain outside the high flying social activities of Purdue University.--Surely sometimes I long for a time spent at Purdue ere I came from I.U. With hopes that any thing new in this letter will please you, I am,

Yours as ever,

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