Home | 1920

Home. Feb. 29--‘20
Sunday--7 P.M.

Dear Esther–-

I wonder what you are doing tonight. I have been thinking about the house (to be) so much I am sick of it. How I wish I might talk on P.M. with you. You know papa will never "talk over" anything with me. So I get at Clark (when he is at home and not asleep) occasionally. I might write to you even about some things; but the plan is with the carpenter & no one knows the width or length of anything with out it. And we heard yesterday that his wife (the carpenter's) had Scarlet fever, and they are quarantined. I think it is true for there seems to be a good deal of scarlet fever in & around Berne. Papa got a letter from Ben Pearson yesterday & he said they had scarlet fever measles, flu, & small-pox in & near Van Wert & some pneumonia cases, not the kind that follows the "flu".

Clark has quite a cold. I greased him good last night with Vix salve & he appears better this eve. They went to Decatur after all & were beaten 15-19. Clark said he never saw a more unfair game. Decatur beat Geneva bad also Monroe, and they were all sore at the referee, even Geneva was hot at the way they treated our boys. So you can imagine about how our boys felt about it. The District meet will be at Bluffton next Fri. & Sat. Clark hopes he will be over his cold by that time.

Papa took Mr. & Mrs. Whitsel over to Bluffton to see Justice. His wife's sister was married again last evening at Justice's. She has been divorced and is only 25 yrs. old now.

No, we have not sent away for garden-seed. I don't know why Clark don't send for it. I do not know when they will begin on the house, as the carpenter is quarantined & papa can't send for lumber until he gets the bill from him. But we are not caring so very much, until Papa makes a trip to Paulding to settle with Mohr & Goodwin about Cecil property. He will go over next Wed. when that is all settled we will "do" something, if we can get any one to do.

Papa went to Ft. Wayne yesterday and while there got Lloyd a pair of suspenders and My! if he wasn't tickled. He sewed bottons on one pair of pants yesterday & one this A.M. I did not know anything so common could make a kid so happy. I suppose just 4 weeks & two or three days from now you will be home. Will you? Now be sure & tell me if you have left the club or not. I ought to write several letters tonight but ‘spose I'll not. Some of these times when it is warm enough in dining-room I'll get my ink and pen out and write you a decent looking letter on white paper. As it is, I just sit and write wherever it is warm and light enough.

Ruth said she would write some to you so I'll "close" and give her a chance to use her "English".

I heard through Ruth today & she heard at S.S. that Lehman's had some sickness there. She did not know what. I am anxious to know for they went to Berne so much it is hard to tell what it may be,

Bye bye--Mamma Hello Esther. Clark was telling me how easy we could take the district meet. Mamma and Clark were looking at French windows and doors so if you see some why just kindly picture your house having those doors and windows. I have been He! he! ing and ha! ha! ing about all evening. I know one time or the last time we had a birthday dinner there was some scalloped potatoes. So us D.S. girls only I suggested it to put salt and pepper in the potatoes. I said this because they were talking about putting poison in them. I will simply have to write to you when I do not have to go to bed so soon. Good -nite. Your sister Ruth.

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