Home | 1920

Home, Feb. 26--20 (Thurs. Eve.)

Dear Esther–

I had intended to send a letter to you today, when I sent your clothes off in time & write, too. Your package did not come until Tues. M. then I washed Wed. but it turned off so cold and storm that I had to dry every thing in the house, and I had a big washing too. You see with no stove in dining-r. Now, it is harder to dry the clothes in the house than it was. So I have hustled your union suits so that I scorched one of them some. I sent the ragged one back to you just because you did not tell me not to, not because I thought it any good for anything. Surely not all of your hkfs [handkerchiefs] are marked, for I counted them when taking them from bag & there were 14. But when I ironed them I saw only 10 marked so I just sent you some that were not marked. I didn't have time to patch the apron, so pinned a piece of gingham where it should be sewed. You see I hustled your clothes back to you as soon as I could for I was afraid you would need a union-suit. It has been quite cold today and yesterday.

Clark has gone tonight to the Co. meet at Decatur. I told you before about Decatur recalling the meet. Well, then told you about Mr Willis writing to them. Decatur sent word today to the boys that they would have it tomorrow & Sat. I don't think Clark wanted to go very bad. His throat was sore and it has been so cold. I am very anxious for them to win, especially because I do not think D–. has acted fair about it. It doesn't seem to me that Dec--. has a right to "boss" the whole thing--to have it or not to have it at their bidding. Well, I hope Clark does not come home sick, any how. No school tomorrow.

I do not know how Berne was quarantined. I saw it mentioned in Geneva H. just as I told you. I do not know how a town can be quarantined.

Ruth, Warren, Clark & I have been drinking sassafras. Got a nice lot of bark of Long's. Lloyd will not drink it.

Say Esther, has Luella & Katherin had the "flu" recently? Clara told Mrs. Willis that they had. Flora & young Willis have been quite sick down there. I just wondered if the girls had it & you never knew it. Ruth heard Clara tell Mrs. W. I do not know of any sickness around here now but Uncle James Glendening. Well, I have misplaced your last letter I think. I went in the room & brought out a big bunch of your letters; but the last one is not among them. I wanted to ans. your questions. Will have to depend on my memory. So far as I know now, Drusela may come home with you, Ruth said she would love to have her some, but that is planning quite a ways a head. I think when we build that this house will have to be moved from this foundation (probably west) and the new one built on this site. We just got a book of plans from Gordon Van Tine of Chicago today. I have not had time to look at it yet. I do not think you need to worry about dress goods a great deal. I think it would be a relief to me if you would "make over" some of the dresses we have on hand.

I am getting some sewing done. Have made Ruth three white middys & a red worsted skirt & plaid gingham skirt to go with them, me a dark every day dress, & have cut out a waist for Lloyd--altogether I have made him 3 waists.

Have you left the club? I had room enough in your clothes bag to have put in some eats. Shall I send you "food" from time to time or shall I not. You must tell me. I forgot to tell you that I made those doughnuts on Mon & hustled like fury to cool & pack them. Then papa took them out to mail box & no one came then he took them to town & post office was not open. So they had to wait till Tues. A.M.

Well, good-night, with much love from–

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