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Piper City, Ill. Feb. 22, 1920.

Dear friend: Such a long time since I rec'd your card that I am almost ashamed to write now but just remember that "Miss Anna" is a busy woman.

I am glad to hear of your school life. I am still here at the "old stand" and still teaching young ideas "how to school". My school is large this year. Keeps me busy but very pleasant, and with home duties, scout work and church my time is all taken up with an occasional relaxation of "nonsense" I am quite contented. A good deal of sickness here & some deaths. I lost two days last week from a "flu" cold but rallied with no longer time lost. How are you all? You must come back to Piper some time and visit. We will have some pavign this summer on our street, north & south, for part. Pretty expensive now but–well [...] as the head. Write again. Regards to all.

Anna Ralston

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